Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: iMobileTool Incoming Calls Blocker v2.1

iMobileTool Incoming Calls Blocker offers a powerful phone calls blocking solution to block incoming calls whenever and whereever you want at your will.

Key Feature:
* Block incoming calls from any phone number.
* Block incoming calls from a certain phone number.
* Block incoming calls from phone numbers that partially or fully match with the digits you specify. Like ( 001* ),( *001 ) ( *001* )
* Add phone number to blacklist or cancel any time you want.
* Set whitelist for your mobile phone .
* Block all unknown calls.
* Support unlimited phone number adding for blacklists.
* All blocked incoming calls are logged for your review.
* Run as a service on your phone.
* Support auto start.
* Easy to use

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  1. haha i was looking for something like that !
    tnks a lot !

  2. doesn't work on the hd2, yes it installs but doesn't actually block numbers


  4. doesnt work on my hd2!

  5. I added a number and called tru the number and it still went tru. Pls. tell us how u did urs.
    maybe our issue is a t-mobile usa thing.

  6. doesnt work on my hd2, havent installed it yet, i guess waiting on a miracle or something

  7. NO mine is european hd2 an still doesnt work!

  8. doesnt work on my hd2. I TRIED a lot but still incoming call are coming from blocked nos......

  9. does not work on hd2

  10. Ok, this is the first one of many that I have gratefully gotten from here that doesn't work on my HD2 USA either. I tried every setting still no block. Any help?

  11. the call come thru and ring one time before it stop i thought it dont ring at all

  12. I also installed it on my HTC HD2 and it does not block any of the numbers I black listed. I have had the same scam company call me 3 times yesterday after I black listed them and all three came threw among two other phone numbers.

  13. piece of crap app did not work at all as always most of the cool apps dont work for the htc hd2 or does not exist getting pretty tired of this phone only good thing about it is the harware but when it comes to software it sucks

  14. work.

    One ring after give bussy tone to blocked phone

  15. It is getting installed properly.
    But is not able to block the calls.

  16. "It is getting installed properly.
    But is not able to block the calls."

    exactly the same...

  17. You have to go to Service - Menu - start Service!

  18. it work~ u need to start service~

    Start - iMobile - Service - Start Service~

    and better put end match or middle match~

  19. UK HTC HD2 WM6.5. Boo Hoo noought but Poo.

    Pity, looked promising but no dice for me either. :(

  20. worked fine on my HTC HD2. Installed and started the program. Tested on my wifes phonenumber, and one ring and busy! Norwegian phone, wm6,5 and latest official rom.

  21. I have a problem with calls at 2am that only record modem calls. The sending number is spoofed so is not accurate, and besides it changes. Can this app block calls at specific times, like between 10pm and 8am? I don't want *any* ring, though, not even one.


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