Monday, June 28, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Marble Worlds 2 v1.3

Here it is, the sequel you've all been waiting for, bigger, better and full of beans! Explore one hundred play areas across 5 different themed worlds.

Guide your Marble through the isometric 3D scenery of Marble Worlds collecting gems and solving puzzles as you go. Use features such as bounce pads, air blowers, jet holes and exploding bombs whilst avoiding the evil marbles. Marble Worlds is a highly addictive and playable challenge, and hours of fun.

-Accelerometer control (G-sensor)
-Touch screen control
-Air Blowers to float on
-Rebounders to bounce off extra fast
-Trampolines to bounce extra high
-Energy draining water
-Slippery Ice
-Switches and changing scenery
-Bombs and exploding blocks
-Bridges to cross gaps and chasms
-See through fences and glass panels
-Jet holes to propel your marble sky high
-Portals to warp from one place to another
-Evil marbles that zap your strength
-Checkpoints and save game feature
-Popup hints to aid puzzle solving
-Practice level feature
-High score table
-oh, and lots of beans!

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  1. Great game man, love games that use the g-sensor. Only trouble I had is that it installs a good res, and a bad res link, while I don't really need the bad one.

    For people like me who don't want 2 links (for 1 game) in their game folder:
    Go to explorer/startmenu/programms/games, and delete the bad ress link.

  2. Thanks you SOOOO Much !!!

  3. Great game. The g-sensor works perfect for me. Thanks for the tip with the bad link.

    I find it by my German HTC HD2: Explorer/Windows/Startmenü/Programme/Spiele

    Info für deutsche User, das Spiel ist auf englisch.


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