Monday, June 21, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: Endkey Long Press Replacement

This little app will replace your Long-press end key menu and add a few features to it.

Added Features:
- Soft Reset
- Restart Sense
- Comm Manager
- Enter Bootloader

The "Lock Device" feature was removed.

More Information about this app can be found here:

Download This HD2 App Here:

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  1. where are the links?

  2. Whats Bootloader? Thanks

  3. bootloader is that tri color screen you saw when yup flash/update roms.

  4. I don't understand what bootloader is either. Can you explain further? Thanks.

  5. If you click on bootloader there is no way to get out of it or switch the phone off. You have to remove the battery to kill it. What does bootloader do?

  6. bootloader - where you load your roms, pretty much erases everything in the internal memory of the phone. let's just say if you want to reformat your phone and somehow you can't get to the factory reset on settings menu. then you can go straight to bootloader and reformat ur OS from there. normally you access this by volup+voldown+power key when u power up the phone.

  7. Nope, volup + voldown + power brings you to the hard reset (master reset) menu. To get to the bootloader, you'd have to hold only voldown while you power up your HD2.

    I have no idea why it's in this app, to mee it seems more useless then a lock device button.

  8. Anyone know if this conflicts with c00kies?

  9. hey !! This one work fine , by the way u can add skin color to it ..... no problem with cookies !!!

  10. The app seems to work fine but if you hit the Enter Bootloader button you are unable to do anything except kill your phone by removing the battery. Entering Bootlocker offers you no options to do anything .... you just look at the pretty colours and wonder what you do now. This app does not conflict with cOOkies, which is a great app.

  11. Cheers guys, any one had issues with the screen lock options with C00kies if you have not please let me know what settings you have used. I have had to pull out the batt a few times Cheers.

  12. Guys, there is NO way out of bootloader (even when you enter it normally via volume-down+power)except to remove battery. That has nothing to do with THIS app Its just how bootloader works.

    If you dont know what Bootloader is, then you dont need it!
    Its where you need to be in order to flash a new rom or radio.

    Is anybody using this app with custom rom WITH cookies home tab? Would love to know.

  13. I think the bootloader and the comm manager (as you can enter it simply by touch the upper part of your screen) buttons aren't needed. Besides that it's a nice app. Hope the "creator" will do something with this feedback.


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