Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: SMS at HAND v3.0.3820

SMS at Hand is the Windows Mobile text messaging application that arranges your short messages and calls into one to one, easy to follow, conversation.

The messenger presents all ever used Contacts as a list of personal chats with the most intensively used contacts at the top of the list.

The conversation screen provides all details of each item and shows the whole SMS text body without the necessity of unrolling it. There is a place to input an SMS, no matter how long it is going to be. SMS at Hand ensures that all operations made on the message items are reflected in the system message store and all operations made in other messengers are immediately reflected in the application.Then you are able to archive you conversation to HTML or text file. All smoothly scrolled by fingers.

- Text messaging based on threaded SMS
- Easy control by fingers
- Communication history summary
- Archiving to HTML or text file
- Active links
- Search
- Sorting and filtering
- Auto sized editor
- The use of system message store
- Quick switching between conversation
- Advanced Options
- Navigation to desired day
- Cut, Copy and Paste options

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Requirements:Microsoft .NET CF 3.5

Download This HD2 App Here:

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  1. coś nie działa na HD2 :(
    bla bla bla

    ma ktoś jakieś pomysły ? :(
    any ideas ? :(

  2. cant get this shit to uninstall,,,wtf

  3. Nice to know you guys test the applications you promote...

  4. At above Thats Just what i thought, But looks like it can run from screen shots Like wonder radio works but got bugs if scroll. That Sounds worrying Cant uninstall YOU SHOULD test for atleast 1 hour over a 24 hour period and uninstall after and then reinstall to make sure it does work as should :-) I Am very greatfull for what you do here you go out your way to help people So thank you Mabey you can re post this when they fix it for hd2 Thx Again

  5. I for one know you test your shit, but I do too have the European version WWE and it crashes on start-up. Hoping for a fix.
    Thanks for all your work ! and hello from Israel !

    Flotillas sucks !! ;)

  6. is there a way to disable htc sms client? or bypass outbox?

  7. flash a rom without htc messaging such as one of the versions of elegancia
    then try putting this on

  8. (let me set this strait, i test EVERYTHING before posting it.
    this works perfectly on my HD2)
    O.K. will start Testing it out aswell on my Euro HD2 Then Thanks. (you guys , i'm not the developer ! i just post this stuff.) And we are greatful that you do ive clicked my ad today Have you?

  9. Sucks that it doenst work on the HD2...
    Does someone know a different developer ?

  10. I used to use sms at hand on my tmobile hd2. the only thing is, i had to disable htc messaging in order for it work. everything was perfect. however, you lose a major feature(major for me atlest), i couldn't find any alternative to send picture messages because neither sms at hand or original windows message application support picture messaging. That being said..@admin, you say you use yours perfectly on your telstra hd2, do you have htc messaging disabled? and what program do you use to send picture messages?


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