Monday, May 31, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: uZard Web Browser v2.0.3.12

uZard Web P is a mobile web browser. It allows users to experience the same web surfing they do with PC.
uZard Web P shows the fastest performance not only on 3G or 4G networks but also on 2G and 2.5G networks. As long as the devices have the access to a network, users can experience the same web surfing and multimedia contents through uZard Web P just as they do with PC.
uZard Web P is optimized for use on a broad range of mobile devices and networks.

uZard Web P
- shows same screen as you see in your PC’s.
- is the fastest mobile web browser.
- supports Flash content.
- works independently of chipset and technologies.
- doesn’t require high processing power.
- takes smallest data traffic.
- is a small size application.
- is easy to customize and converge.

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  1. what do people think of this web browser?

  2. pants! quick but could barely get any flash working on it.. skyfire 1.5 wipes floor with it. bit more work on it tho and it could be good.. got potential, defo fast.

  3. looks very good, and sure has potential...
    but right now doesnt work very good for me

    press links etc is not good.
    speed is very good.
    but crashes alot for me :(

  4. it wipes the floor with skyfire 1.5 as far as watching videos the sound is in nsync and pretty decent pic other that that sky if better

  5. my skyfire is always in sync dan, suppose it depends on ur phone and the free space an ram and everything maybe.

    i had too many of the problems anon had, but a few updates it could be cool

  6. i cant get it to play flash,
    says file not found something with videoclip.avi every time.

  7. It runs flash for me, but sites like youtube and films from it shows rather as slideshow than movie.

  8. been attempting to use 4 ova a week, very unstable would be gr8 if it wasn't full of faults but it is only in beta. hopefully these patches get ironed out

  9. there site has a warning that they have too much traffic and will update when they can. i had no problem watching flash news clips i hope they update servers. i used it a lot the last few days.

  10. great browser! even better than fennec or opera, however is not quite stable. hope updates will resolve these soon! ;-)

  11. fantastic browser,you can even play Farmville on Facebook which makes the wife happy...BUT....now I can`t use it,keep getting a message.."The trial expired.Please use prepaid card."??????I`ve got unlimited internet access and over w-lan it doesn`t work either.....WHY?????

  12. after flashing energy series rom it doesnt open pages.. any idea?

  13. this browser is good! but sometime got problem...even so~ the Facebook video can't play also, only youtube can...that adobe home page doesn't support window mobile 6?


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