Friday, January 27, 2012

HTC HD2 Apps: Android CM7.2 v2.3.7 Gingerbread SD on HD2

This is the latest version  (January-19-2012)  of Android Gingerbread v2.3.7 for your HD2.
This is by far the best build I have found for the Android on HD2.

This is a SD build not a NAND build (NAND versions replaces WM, SD versions DO NOT replace WM)

This build has everything working!

  • 3G / Data
  • Audio
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • 720p PLAYBACK
  • Phone
  • Camera
  • Camcorder (HD !!!)
  • GPS
  • USB Disk
CyanogenMod 7 (CM7) builds are Fast, stable, and offer perfect support for RTL (right to left) languages (like Arabic or Hebrew)

Developer's Page (if you need more help):

- HSPL installed (see step 1 HERE)
- Radio version 2.08 or higher ( recommended) (see step 2 HERE)

Install Instructions:

After installing HSPL and upgrading your radio version (see Requirements).
Copy the Android folder to your SD card .
(should look like this: storage card/Android).
Option 1 (recommended): Install this Android Launcher on WM, set it to "Auto start" and to "3 seconds", and soft reset to start Android.
Option 2: Go to the android folder on the storage card.
Click on the "CLRCAD.EXE" file, ( you will get no action on the screen but it is normal).
Click the "HARET.EXE" file to launch Android!

First boot always takes a long time (about 10 minutes) be patient, it will work, and future boots do not take as long.

After you load Android for the first time  reboot after 10 minuets or so, it's best to leave alone until the reboot.

Known Bugs & Fixes:
    I'm stuck on the gray logo screen for more than 30 minutes - If you are sure you installed the HSPL and the your RADIO is upgraded, format your SD card and try again.
    3G is not working - place the "power control" widget on your home screen (with mobile data and 2G/3G toggle enabled) and make sure they are both on. If it is still not working check your APN settings. or see the developers page for more help.
    The battery is draining too fast -  install this Android Launcher on WM set it to 3 seconds, and soft reset to start Android. Starting Android as fast as possible (before HTC Sense) is crucial for a good and low battery drain.
    Market keeps showing "Force Close" or other errors - 
    1. Change your locale to English (United States) settings->language
    2. Clear market data and cache. settings -> applications ->Market.
    3. Run market.
    4. Change the locale back to the original one.

    USB is not detected by Windows:
    Install this widget: http://adf.ly/428563/dual-mount-sd-widget-zip  and turn ON the debugging mode under application settings.

    Now that you have your Android up and running visit my Android twin site for: Free Android Games and Free Android Apps

    Download This HD2 App Here:

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    zip file: 131.59MB

    Saturday, April 16, 2011

    HTC HD2 Apps: Formula 1 F1 2011 Live - The Global Sports v1.0

    The Global Sports is the new sports brand specialized on mobile applications. F1 2011 Live is a product developed for amateur and enthusiasts of Formula 1™, with all the information and live mode for 2011 season.

    • LIVE mode
    All live information, lap to lap, is made by journalists to inform about all important things that happens during qualifying and race:
    - Position during the race and grid.
    - Each pilot times and number of stops.
    - Comments on overtaking, track outputs, incidents, etc..
    - Final results of the classification and race.

    • NEWS
    All relevant news to be informed throughout the season.

    Classification table of all drivers and manufacturers after each Grand Prix.

    Complete schedule of all races, with the date and time set by device configuration, together with results of each Grand Prix disputed (positions of each pilot and lap times in practice and classification).

    All data for drivers, teams and circuits, with information and main features:
    - Drivers: Position, podiums, pole positions, points, etc. as well as personal data, photograph, nationality, birth date, weight, height, etc.
    - Teams: Position, points, podiums and main elements of the team profile.
    - Circuits: Map of the track length in meters, number of turns, bends, a pilot with the lap record, country, etc.

    Languages: English, Spanish, French, and German.

    This application will be valid until the last race of the season F1 ™ 2011.

    Download This HD2 App Here:

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    cab file: 5.69MB

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