Sunday, June 27, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: Anuvadak v1 (Google Translator)

Anuvadak is a translation app using the Google Translator service.
Anuvadak = Translator (in Hindi)

Anuvadak is different from the other apps as it offers a completely different user experience.
It has some advanced features which others apps (on winmo) are missing.
- Attractive UI.
- Text to speech translation enabled (Not for all languages but for all which Google supports) . - The voice is same as used on Google’s translation portal.
- Romanization of the all the supported languages. (Beta)
- Copy translation
- Send translation by SMS
- Google like instant translation. This feature is still in development but I am ready to release with beta version. The instant translation feature works awesome with wifi but does reasonably ok with 3g also.

You can click on any past translated texts also and then re-translate them using the sub menus.
So all in all… Whatever Google offers on their website, Anuvadak does it. (Except for auto-detect language. This feature was intentionally excluded. Will be included in the next minor release)

Requirements:Microsoft .NET CF 3.5

*This is not the latest version, get Anuvadak v1.1.1 here.

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Download This HD2 App Here:

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  1. sorry about the rapid share link, i have been trying all day but could not upload anything to rapid share, hope they will fix it soon.

  2. who can upload this app to Hotfile plzz
    thanks for this good app .

  3. this one is freeware, just Google it !

  4. New Version released Anuvadak 1.1


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