Thursday, June 10, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: SKTools v.

SK Tools is an award winning piece of software and is labeled as an all-in-one maintenance application that will give you more functionality than you will ever need to keep your Windows Mobile working at the highest levels of performance. SK Tools improves the speed of your mobile by freeing up system memory and keeps your Windows Mobile registry clean by deleting unnecessary and temporary files. Moreover it has an easy interface that even new or less experienced users can operate without any difficulty. SK also provides full back-up for your system so that you can have all your applications back and always running even if you have a system crash, while the built-in uninstaller lets you remove and install applications without any hassle. Let's find out more about this incredible application and have a look at its inner workings and main features.

Download This HD2 App Here:

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  1. Demo video, please?

  2. is a demo, dont even bother!!!

  3. people should becrefull using this application its only for profesionals

  4. if you dont know how to use this application you will BREAK YOUR PHONE

  5. Can you show a video tut, or even tell us how to use the keygen because it doesn't work. Keygen gives error.

  6. cab files are for HD2 and EXE files are for your desktop...
    if you need more help, ask for it on facebook.

  7. where do you input the serial number ?

  8. Crack (keygen) work perfect.
    Go to Tools->About->Registration
    Make sure you have a phone id (username on your phone)
    Insert this in the keygen and there is your reg-code.

    - Still cannot move certain apps from phone-memory to sd-card (mostly Gameloft games)
    - Beware using registry clean ups, it could crash your phone, hard-reset will be the result.
    - no further faults

  9. if you need more help, ask for it on facebook.
    NOT EVERYONE has a facebook profile or wants one, (Like Me) So what Now you only help out facebook Bum chums is it and not old timers who were on here ad clicking for you B4 you even had Facebook on here, Mabey you could add a chat box or something on main page So people can ask ?s and Get answers Back that way on this GREAT Site :-) And do you Scan all the stuff you post with Mobile & Normal Anti-Virus programs to make sure its 100% Clean
    And can you post a Mobile A.V? Even a Free 1 would do or is there a reason you keep ignoring peoples requests for 1?.? Thanks Again ;-) The Sperminator sperts again
    p.s. Btw.,. Why not join that FuckBook Get yourself Donated some Pussy or Head for your hard wood/work from some Slappy/happy HD2 Owners. Only messing Safe and Wanks I Mean Thanks for all you do here Nice New Banner too mate Keep it up (The Good Work I Mean) LMAO Have a nice Day I Would donate to you the local midgit Hooker with 3 tits :-) and 2 slits. Now I ASK AGAIN can you post a Mobile Anti.Virus or atleast say what you use if anything that is Thanks

  10. And plz dont take offence to the above comment cause its just a bit of fun and if you do get offended then im sorry and will be back to do it all the more only kidding Thanks for all you do here i am grateful And do you know why i get services.exe error evertime after turning on my phone after installing just stuff from this site (Could it be some sort of ppc virus/spyware you might of missed) ANYONE KNOW OR GET THE SAME PROBLEMO? Thanks to anyone who replyS SAFE

  11. Keygen not work, Keygen gives error on desktop.

  12. Even I inserted the phone id (username on my phone) in the keygen, the reg-code I have gote, didn't work.


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