Friday, June 18, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Bubble Bash HD v1.0.2

Take off for Bubble Island! Join Malia and Kale in their quest for treasure on a heavenly island. Explore this colorful tropical island, from the beach to the rainforest, in this surprising puzzle game! Have a blast tossing multi-colored bubbles into the sky to pop 3 or more of the same color: simply aim with your finger and fire into the cluster before it drops and time runs out. Advance through 100 levels to discover the hidden treasure, but beware - obstacles like angry monkeys, spiders, and parrots will do their best to stop you!

A fun and entertaining puzzle game featuring a huge variety of power-ups and bubbles!
Break away from your routine and take off for a vacation in beautiful, tropical-island surroundings!
Evolving levels and seven types of challenges that really put your skills to the test!
A perfect game for your HD2. Anyone can play Bubble Bash, but getting to the end requires a ton of skill!
17 different special bubbles, including an explosive bomb bubble and the strategic chameleon bubble.
Defy gravity by moving bunches of bubbles attached to helium balloons!
100 levels of surprising puzzles for hours of endless fun!

* This game is over 45MB , install it on the SD Card.

Download This HD2 Game Here:

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  1. Nice game, but it is running way to fast on my HD2. any idea's ?

  2. I agree. It's like it was developed for a less powered phone.

  3. i'd try this if it was'nt for the size, 45mb is just mad, thanks though......

  4. You should have 16GB if you have the TMUSA HD2...come on!

  5. My HD2 cannot play this game,,,I excuted this but no other actions. There isn't exist bubble bash on task manager,,,,do you know why?

  6. I cant also run it on my hd2, anyone knows why?

  7. first unzip the package on a desktop, after that there will be a new pack. install it on your hd2. game is to fast on hd2, damn this is my fav. game. anybody knows how to slow it down?

  8. It runs on my hd2 but the high speed makes it unplayable.

  9. your brain washing text increase the size
    please don't wash brain too much
    I use dial up
    and I'm guilty because i'm from iran

  10. game is at 3x Velocity, any registry trick to change?...

  11. the fps is very fast is there a way to slow it down?

  12. whoa! love this game, but you have to be a hyper squirrel on crack to keep up! Anybody figured out how to get it at a "normal" speed yet?


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