Tuesday, May 25, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: LeoCpuSpeed v3

LeoCpuSpeed v3, control cpu speed & overclock

- Updates CPU speed every half second
- Can stress the CPU to show you that it goes up to 998mhz under load
- Disable autoscaling so that you can control the speed yourself
- Select the speed you want by moving the slider or pressing 768/998 presets
- Automatically disable autoscaling and set speed at boot (via menu)
- Overclocking

Notes on auto-apply speed at startup
1) Disable autoscaling
2) Select the cpu speed you want
3) Menu > Apply speed at boot

Notes on overclocking
1) Obviously overclocking is completely at your own risk, as you could harm your device. Luckily, in most cases, your device will just lock up and you'll need to restart your device (remove battery, re-insert and turn on again).
2) The green buttons were the overclock settings that have been succesful 9 out of 10 times. The orange speeds have been succesful like 5 out of 10 times. The red speeds have never worked for me yet.
3) The higher the speed, the more unstable. This is mainly because I don't have a way to increase voltage of the core.
4) Overclocking only works on AC power! When on battery power, the overclock will work but will be undone within 500 milliseconds by the OS. Something within the OS, or a driver, or the radio rom, enforces the proper CPU speed every 500ms. 

Try playing a decent movie in TCPMP or coreplayer with autoscaling on, and try again with autoscaling off and at 998mhz. Huge difference. (Note that some ROMs already have autoscaling disabled and will run at 998MHz all the time, like CleanEX. You won't notice a difference there obviously.)

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  1. i see you've posted it then? lol


  2. another useless piece of software....and for what. It serves no real purpose. Completely pointless!!!

  3. rammitt you fucking idiot!!

    have you used this app?!??!

    good luck with your slow phone, anyone else who wants a faster phone, watch crystal clear movies via tcpmp or coreplayer download this app...except for rammitt who talks before trying


  4. amirul who said I hadn't tried it??? i'm not getting into a slanging match with a fuckwit...you are obviously a closet nerd!! I can understand overclocking a PC...for obvious reasons...but to overclock a bloody mobile phone....ITS A PHONE......you need to get out more.......if they let you!!!


  6. One question for rammit. why did you buy this phone if you didnt intend to use it at its full potential??

  7. For "Anonymous".....(why hide your name)??

    I have a car capable of 200 kph.....that doesn't mean I have to drive it at full speed everywhere. I love the HD2, and its a shame there arn't more apps/games worthy of the product. But if I wanted hundreds of progs, then I would have bought an Iphone...and been chained to apple....no thanks I just find some of the current HTC progs pointless....thats just my opinion...free country.
    Soap box away. Peace and Love :)

  8. I don't know how anyone would think this app is pointless. It's not the overclocking feature that makes it good... it's the fact that you can turn off auto-scaling and keep the processor going at full-speed 998mhz. A lot of apps, including coreplayer/tcpmp allow the processor to scale down to 776mhz even when it needs the 998 to run flawlessly, so this app allows you to keep it there so you can have stutter-free video, etc. Also, this app allows you to down-clock the speed down to around 312mhz so you can save battery life when you aren't using your phone.

  9. get a girlfriend and scale her...losers.

  10. I installed this, but no longer need it...it gives me a some kind of error message when I restart my phone. How do I uninstall it? Ive uninstalled alot of other apps and games, but cant figure this one out. Thanks again for this awesome site.

  11. if you can not uninstall it, you have a cab. file for disable it on xda.

  12. thanks for your response, but i dont really understand what you meant. i looked on XDA but couldnt locate anything. could you post a link to how or where i can find it? thanks again

  13. I Agree with rammitt on this, But Hopefully This will Get much better as Newer Phones Get better and Give are HD2s a Turbo boost LOL as apps, Games that are for newer phones could be made to work on are phone, Anyway I Had to set back to factory settings to get rid of that Error Even after unistalled that and everything else I Had, Mabey will try again if They sort out problems and let you use it all the time No restrictions And No Error every time you switch on your HD2 I Would tell people to wait For next version at least B4 Trying it out, This 1 causes problems & Is pretty pointless IMO Thanks Anyway Always Glad for Anything you put on this great site thats for or works on HD2 :-) :-) :-) Thanks Anyway Jon


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