Wednesday, May 19, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: DHR BandSwitch v2.6.5

- Switch to 2G/3G/Auto
- Hide/Show tray icon
- Entering SIM PIN It isnt necessary to write it when switching the band
- Close idle connections
- Manage bluetooth
- Manage Wifi
- Manage phone
- Manage speaker

- Activations can be done with or without time limit. When the frame expires then the device status is restored

- Monitor connections 
- Create or close connections in "one click"
- Enable and disable connections.  
- Set a time frame when all the connections will be disabled saving battery and money.

Download This HD2 App Here:

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  1. I'm getting the "Bandswitch LICENSE_EXPIRED. Visit www.commmgrpro.com to renew it" message. Would really like to use this!

  2. google for WMlonglife XDA...
    it does the same function and its free

  3. It is a bad application. It locked my internet connection and hanged.


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