Saturday, May 22, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: TouchWoman v1.2

TouchWoman Personal Calendar is a program to keep track of your menstrual cycle. TouchWoman will help you to:
* Practice natural contraception
* Determine the best time to conceive
* Plan a holiday or trip
* Get cycle history charts and important statistics
* Ensure privacy with password protection

Quick Tour: What Can TouchWoman Do For You?
Stay Informed, Wherever You Are
Wherever you go, your phone is with you. By using TouchWoman you can easily see at a glance when your next period will start, or what is the possibility to get pregnant today. And be prepared.

Plan a Holiday or Trip
TouchWoman can help you plan your holidays, or simply decide whether to go on a trip next weekend.
Use the calendar to determine the menstruation dates through the year (based on your history data).

Ready To Have a Baby? Or Not.
If you're trying to conceive, your chances are greatly increased if you have sex in the days close to the ovulation.
Or if you rather prefer not to get pregnant at this time, better avoid these days. TouchWoman will show you the conception probability for each day of the period.

Warning: this method is not 100% accurate and it's better to be used in combination with other methods for contraception

Get Reminder
For your peace of mind, TouchWoman can set a reminder on your phone. You'll get a notice few days in advance of the next cycle start.

Full Features List:

* Predict the time of the next cycle (from your history data)
* Predict the ovulation time (statistical)
* Get reminder before the start of the next cycle
* Conception probability chart
* Calculate the birth date, conception time or star sign
* Keep log of past cycles and important events
* Get history charts and statistics
* Stylish & elegant; with customizable color themes
* Data backup & recovery
* Optional password protection

Download This HD2 App Here:

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  1. Touch-Woman hahahaha

  2. madness....lol

  3. OH! at least!! a calendar to know when not to stay with my girlfriend... (lol)

  4. My wife could have used this program before we have 7 kids.

  5. @Above LOL. Same Here We got 5 in my house Under 8, Ive got a chance to keep us from hitting the 7 mark :-)


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