Sunday, May 9, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Bookworm v.2.0

Bookworm is a popular word game based on the online and PC classic from PopCap. Feed Lex the Worm's endless appetite by joining letters on the library wall! Use up burning letters before they reach the bottom and set the library on fire! Special bonus tiles boost your score if used to make a word.
Bookworm is a superb word game for beginners and experts alike and allows you to test or increase your word power in a fun and enjoyable way!


* Feed the bookworm's appetite by making words from connected letter tiles
* Help Lex the Worm join the letters to make words
* Dictionary featuring over 35,000 words
* Can teach and improve literary skills
* Special score-boosting bonus tiles
* Full tutorial to assist beginners

This file was requested in our Facebook page. 
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Download This HD2 Game Here:
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  1. So Fast With New Games, Thanks, Dont Suppose you know where we can get animated themes for the HTC HD2?

  2. would you post something about getting emulators such as ps1 or gba

  3. Try looking Here http://www.fpsece.net/ For PS1 Emulator Look on you tube for Video guides on how to set it up on HTC HD2 Or what ever you got
    You can even buy a blue tooth mini game pad and use that to play games if you dont like playing with touch screen Best of All its Free. Thanks

  4. will Bookworm work on the HTC Imagio that is running Win 6.5 ... how about other apps games on this page. Thanks for your help.

  5. I'm new to the hd2...how do I download bookworm to the phone???

  6. dwnl da file....... open computer>HD2>storagecard.....put it there or in a new folder on there................
    then go 2 ur Hd2 open file explorer and go 2 storage card......open da cab file (yes the thing u dwnl).......it will install just follow da directions n u good....


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