Thursday, May 20, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: Vibro v11

Vibro is a Program to change the vibration pattern for incoming calls, SMS and EMail.

- Two separate Programms.One EXE for Configuration (VibroCFG) and one EXE for notification (Vibro).
- Multilanguage
- separately config Phone, SMS and EMail
- Vibration pattern set for Phone, SMS and EMail separately
- SMS and EMail vibration set in lengths in different
- Alternate SMS interception
- In what will be Profiel Vibrates
- Choose a Vibrator
- Cab-File that install the Programm

How To...
- Install the CAB on the Device
- Setup Pattern -> Vibrate,Break,Vibrate,Break in ms
- Setup Profile -> In what is to be vibrated Profile (You can see the active Profile in your Phone, under the Profilesettings)
- Setup Vibrator-Nr -> Which vibrator works vibrate. Mostly the highest number.
- Configure SMS,EMail
- Press Exit in the Menu and the Programm Save the INI and Start the VIBRO.EXE
- When you reset you device. Vibro.Exe is in the Startup, so it runs automticly.(After you have Phoneservice)

- Pattern repeat x 1 -> The pattern that you have entered is repeated X times (e.g.:200,200,100,100 -> 200,200,100,100,200,200,100,100,200,200,100,100 ).
- You must check the Profile, you want to vibrate the pattern.
- If you want to Backup. Copy only the Vibro.ini...That's all.Vibro writes nothing to the Registry.

*  Use this tool at your own risk !!! 

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  1. i appreciate everything on this site, but this is a complete waste of time. Why anyone would think it necessary to programe such a thing is beyond me!!

  2. say file corrupte

  3. it could be a crap but i like this site thanks honey :)

  4. This would be a great app because HD vibrate too loud but it does not work properly for e-mail notification. Where can I get 1.2?


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