Monday, May 24, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: LMT Launcher 0.8

LMT is a tool for the HD2 that launches a program when perform single touch or multitouch gestures on the screen. You can connect internal commands and external apps to any gesture LMT supports.

Download the latest version, copy it to your HD2, start the cab via file explorer and install LMT on internal memory. After installation start LMT. You won’t see any GUI since LMT is a background process. Try at first the double swipe up gesture. If everything works fine, you’ll see the corresponding overlay and the foreground process will be closed (closeApp is the default action for double swipe up).


- SwipeRightDouble
- SwipeLeftDouble
- SwipeUpDouble
- SwipeDownDouble
- SwipeRightLeftDouble
- SwipeLeftRightDouble
- SwipeUpDownDouble
- SwipeDownUpDouble
- QuestionmarkDouble
- SquareDouble
- DiamondDouble
- Square (start gesture top left cw)
- Diamond (start gesture at the bottom cw)
- Delete (start gesture top left)
Learning gestures
There are two ways to connect apps to gestures. The first one is to draw the “learn gesture” on the screen and afterwards the gesture, you want to connect the current foreground app with. This method is easy but has some limitations. You cannot assign process arguments or assign internal commands to gestures. The second way is to configure LMT via registry. Navigate with your preferred registry editor to HCKU\Software\LMT. Here you can see which commands are currently connected to a gesture and you can edit any gesture/app relation. To assign an external app to a gesture insert the full path to the process: [Full path to exe],[arguments]. E.g. "\Windows\tmail.exe,-RunInBKG". To assign an internal command to a gesture insert on of the following command strings.

- “CloseLMT” -> close LMT
- “CloseApp” -> close the foreground app
- “Learn” -> activate learn mode
- “Back” -> send back key
- “Start” -> start menu
- “Lock” -> lock phone
- “Phone” -> start Phone app
- “Up” -> send Dpad up
- “Down” -> send Dpad down
- “Left” -> send Dpad left
- “Right” -> send Dpad right
- “PrevApp” -> switch to previous app (Alt-Tab feature)
- “NextApp” -> switch to next app (Alt-Tab feature)
- “Home” -> switch to Homescreen
- “Rotate” -> rotate screen
- “Controller” -> activate the controller mode

Controller :
Use the controller as a generic gamepad for e.g. FPSEce, morphgear or flash games. The controller is multitouch capable and converts the touches to key events. You can define the keys to be sent via registry value "ControllerKeys": Down, up, left, right, 1, 2, A, B, C, D, X, Y. The button "R" toggles between portrait and landscape mode and partial and full screen lock. The button "X" deactivates the controller mode. The registry value "ControllerVibrate" defines the vibrate status: 0=off, 1=default, >1=time in ms. To quickly install and configure LMTs controller with FPSEce and morphgear I made a fpse.ini file and a registry file for morphgear. The howto:

- install FPSEce on internal memory
- before first start replace the existing fpse.ini with the attached one
- now start FPSEce
- load a rom, start LMTs controller and have fun!

- install morphgear and e.g. the generator plugin on internal memory
- start morphgear and close it again
- import the attached registry file
- now restart morphgear again
- load rom, start LMTs controller and have fun!

More Information about this app can be found here:

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  1. LMT is amazing

  2. This is such a great app. Great tool for switching between apps very quickly (sort of Alt-Tab).

  3. what is the game in the picture, can you post it please. was my fav on ps1

  4. FaNtAsTiC! & Brilliant :D

  5. has anyone tested the controller for the fpsece?

  6. If you get the HD2 pack from here: http://www.fpsece.net/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=595
    with the supporter version, FPSEce does multi-touch pretty well by default. I haven't tried LMT with it yet though, so it might be better.

  7. great thanks can u tell me where you put all the folders ?

  8. this site is greaat!


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