Thursday, April 15, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Resident Evil - Uprising v2.3.0

Raccoon City is overrun with zombies and horrifying T-virus mutants. Take control of Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy as you make your way through a decaying city where every action could mean life or death. Based on the best-selling and highly acclaimed Resident Evil 2 on PlayStation®, this game brings the thrilling Resident Evil universe to mobile. Explore the city and face hordes of undead enemies. Use guns and melee weapons to fight, or when all else fails, run! Solve elaborate puzzles and unravel the mystery of the outbreak as you make your desperate escape… if you're not infected first.
Enter the Resident Evil universe: A frightening adventure in a city infected by legions of zombies…

Download This HD2 Game Here:

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  1. thanks!!!!!!!!!

  2. Could anyone explain how I get these games working on my HD 2?

    I put the cab files on my phone, I installed them. But nowhere I can find the icon to play. It doesnt appear in progammables either. Help?

  3. if u install them on the device you should find them via start->games

  4. Works Great on HD 2 Big THX

  5. @HD2 person, you checking the games folder yeah??


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