Thursday, April 8, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: NFL 2010 v2.3.0

Experience real football and play for the Super Bowl against the Cardinals, Steelers and the rest of the NFL on your cell phone.
Every 2010 player and over 100 plays make this a complete sports game. Get into the action with a new QB view & feel the rush of running and passing in beautiful 3D-like graphics. More intuitive controls allow you to perform moves easily while charging down the field. You’ll practically feel it, as your player tackles opponents & hear the crowd roar as you score!

The official NFL video game:
- Full teams rosters and the complete 2010 NFL season including post and pre-season schedules.

- New immersive QB view (split screen) showing the QB and also the potential receiver, plus a new kicking view.

- Intuitive controls to quickly make the best decisions on the field.

- More detailed players’ graphics and new moves like dives or hurdles.

- Additional playbooks with over 100 plays, plus a practice mode to learn how to master them.

- Play as the coach and manage your roster to perform along the season.

Download This HD2 Game Here:

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  1. Awesome work man...you taking requests?!

  2. its a great game..thanks

  3. i downloaded this cab. made a file on my computer. sync my htc hd2 and dragged the cab into a file made storage card poi file. when i tried to open it on my phone, zip mobile came up. i extracted all the files but it said cab was installed unsuccessfully. can you help me with this? thank you

  4. Make a new download and then extracted it on your PC. Then drag the .cab-file on your HTC storage card to install the game. Put the cab on your storage card but not in a file. After installing the game you can delete the cab. I hope you understand my english, beacause i am german and my english is not the best. Good luck and have fun with the game.

  5. Rapidshare has removed the file :-(

  6. Thank you, you are the best!!

  7. i have downloaded the files on my computer than i extracted them with winrar on my computer but i dont get a cab-file could somebody help me i realy like to play this games

  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^nevermind

  9. this site is best for my mobile....

  10. My HD2 cannot launch the installed game. Do I have to fullfill certain requirements? OpenGl driver or something? Sorry from germany.


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