Tuesday, April 13, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: SciLor's GrooveMobile Alpha v7

SciLor's GrooveMobile is a grooveshark(tm).com player for Windows Mobile.
With this great HD2 app you can listen to any song you want for free. all you need is a WiFi connection.
this new version allows you to:
-Feature: Save your playlist!
-Feature: Random Play (Very simple, so double songs may occur ;))
-Feature: Repeat Playlist
-Feature: Display off option in the menu, to allow WiFi etc. running...
More Information about this app can be found here:

Download This HD2 App Here:


  1. This is by far why of the best apps for the WM OS. Highly recommended !
    Great SQ and variety.

  2. This did not work for me. Nothing happened when I did a song search. It seems to stop responding so I just uninstalled.


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