Saturday, July 24, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Droplitz Delight v1.3

Can you save the Droplitz? Spin and twirl dials to make paths and help these adorable misfits to safety. There are twists-a-plenty in this humorous, colorful carnival of addictive puzzle action!

Think strategically and work quickly. Don't let your paths drip dry. Spin dials to form paths from top to bottom. Make multiple paths to increase your score and help the Droplitz multiply. Master Chain Reactions for massive scores. Never give up, never surrender!

Visit 6 colorful worlds in 5 brilliant modes. Set the Droplitz free in progressively harder levels with Target Quest. Jump in and challenge the original gameplay in Classic. Play to your heart's content in Free Play. Beginners can find solace with single dropper levels, a quick tutorial, and even hint buttons during gameplay, while experts can enjoy the challenge of Experienced and Insane.

With more than 40 levels, trophies, and competitive high score tables, Droplitz Delight will have you captivated!

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  1. Please more german games or Multi language

  2. I like it, thank you!

  3. do you have time crisis? i adore your site :) thanks!

  4. how would i add this game to my htc hd2???


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