Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: SBSH GoNews Touch v1.3.2

Personal daily newspaper for your HD2.

GoNews Touch is a news-reader application that aggregates different headlines and articles from across the internet based on your personal configuration and caches it automatically to your mobile device, creating a newspaper-like interface that allows you to read through the daily headlines and articles even when your device is offline while you are on the move!

GoNews uses a powerful engine that can follow either simple RSS feeds or read complete web-page articles using special templates that will allow you to gather news from any web-site across the internet! With GoNews you can track news of any topic you like: politics, domestic news, high-tech, sports, economics, weather, culture or any other web-site!

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  1. Nice one Great app Ive got monopoly world v1.0 and Earth Media Center TV for WM1.0 working great on hd2 And New moTweets out, Updated Bing and google maps (Bing was bit unstable i thought at first But seems to work fine now) And Just trying out iris browser Dont seem as good as uzart and skyfire But always good to have more choice Ive added HTC Task Manager to my HD2 Aswell (NOT The Task manager with it) Take a look you may find some stuff good to post ;-) Big thanks Keep up good work will donate a few beers sometime soon, Cheers

  2. Great blog you have here! Unfortunately this app it is not installing on my hd2

  3. Installed absolutely fine on my hd2, and runs well.

  4. cannot connect with server. Installation went fine, but I get error massage every time when I want to refresh. I am using hd2


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