Friday, January 7, 2011

HTC HD2 Games: Cubix: Dragon's Lore v.1.0

Prepare for an amazing journey across a world of Japanese myth and legend!

The main goal of Cubix: Dragon's Lore is the removal of figures from a game field. Try to match pieces of the same color by adding new cubes, this is the way to score points and earn game money. Various bonuses will help you to cope with tough levels and the dreaded timer.

Cubix: Dragon's Lore has several game modes.
"Story" tells the tale of a quest of the dragon Kirin. You'll gradually pass through levels with different tasks, compete with bosses and upgrade your hero.

"Classic" and "Arcade" games give you a pack of levels in which you must remove a number of cubes in a very short time, or play without time limits.

"Puzzle" mode forces you to think hard about the best solution for different riddles in this mode.

"Infinity" mode allows you to play as long as you wish, set outstanding high-scores until there are no possible moves.

There's even a HotSeat mode for a chance to enjoy the game with your friends.

- 4 single player game modes
- HotSeat mode
- About 200 levels
- Story mode with a full-blooded plot and upgrade system 

* Please read the "Instructions.txt" file before installing

Download This HD2 Game Here:

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cab file: 7.07MB


  1. Game asking for device owner name to be set before the game will start.

  2. Same problem... :(

  3. Try either: 1. Launching a second time. or 2. Adding an email address to the "me" contact card on your phone.

  4. Hopefully this will help others. Option 1 didn't make any difference. Option 2 solved the problem. Thanks for all downloads on this site.

  5. All work , no problem.

  6. Both links are not working !!!!

  7. filesonic link still works, try again.

  8. filesonic ... downloaded file size is 0 byte .. :( .. Any idea?


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