Thursday, August 12, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Fruitaholic v1.0

Fruitaholic is a brand new mind game with gorgeous cartoon graphics and smart game play. Can you feed the fruitaholic cannibal? Beware, this is not an easy task. He has an endless appetite! Administer two cauldrons filled up with fruits and do your best to keep him happy... Are you up to the task?

There are two caldrons side by side filled up with fruits. You must move the fruits around to match the lines of them in these two caldrons. Then the cannibal will eat them and new ones will come. This is no easy task since moving each caldron's fruits will cause it to heat and eventually burn them, so you must split the moves between the two caldrons. If one of these two caldron fills up with fruits then its game over. Try to create double lines of fruits since you will get more points and extras.

* Training brain sharpness
* Friendly for all ages
* Beautiful cartoon graphics and music!
* Translated into 7 languages
* Export Hi-Scores to internet

There are three gaming modes: EASY, HARD, TURN-BASED. In the TURN-BASED you will have to play each caldron in turns. You can move fruits only when each caldron's light is green.

Beer eats a burned row of fruits, only if you one exists. The gem gives you points. The diamond gives more points and lowers the temperature to zero. The rock is completely useless, gives you some points but it's there to make your life difficult. 

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  1. I've installed it... but no shortcut.
    Program is in /windows/appmgr
    have fun

  2. NO man, it's not the program location.

    Where is it ???
    I wanna play this game

  3. for some reason this app won't install a shortcut normally.
    you will find it when you click on "start" but don't scroll all the way down, it's somewhere in the middle...

  4. It's in My HD2/Storage Card/Program Files/Fruitaholic
    But NOT in the storage card, in the main memory, in a folder called "Storage Card"
    But you can move it on it


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