Friday, August 27, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Bomberman v1.1

Experience the classic Bomberman with its new, unique tap-and-flick controls. The Spirit Pictures, the source of the Spirit's magical power, has been destroyed, splitting Bomberman Planet apart. Beat the evil Bagular, restore the Spirit Pictures, and revive Bomberman Planet.

- Clear the stage by gathering the lithograph Player can get bits of lithograph in a capsule if all of the core units of the stage is bombed. Soft Block may have some items as well.

- Conquer all 20 stages! There are a lot of unique gimmicks at each areas of the stages. Defeat the last area boss to move on to the next area.

- Louie, THE Perfect Partner Louie first appeared in "Bomberman' 94"! To ride Louie, touch the egg. Each Louie with different colors have different abilities, but the power will disappears if hurt.

* Simple Control using the touch panel.
* Fick to move, tap to pause, and double tap to set a bomb.
* Playable in both vertical and horizontal positions.

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cab file: 1.94MB


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