Wednesday, March 17, 2010

HTC HD2 Games: Flight Commander

Great HD2 game. you have to guide planes and helicopters to a safe landing.
just click on a plane and drag a landing path on the screen to land the plane.
you must avoid planes crashing in mid air.

Download This HD2 Game Here:


  1. no only the plane crash... the app also.

  2. works fine on my HD2, (the plane still crashes :-) , but not the app...)

  3. is not working on my HD2 any one know y or how to make it work....

  4. Yep, this app crashes on my HD2 whenever I try to close the app, then offers to send an error report. Also, for the first time, it just locked up my phone, and I had to pull the battery to restart it. If only those were fixed, and there was an option to disable sounds. Then it'd be perfect!

  5. works perfectly, thanks

  6. HD2: Game's working fine, but then made my phone crash, while the plane was still flying..

  7. hey guys if this game crash your phone so just install "Turbo 3D v3" after install your all problems will be solved....here is link http://hd2apps.blogspot.com/2010/07/htc-hd2-apps-chainfire-turbo-3d-v3.html

    no need to do anything just install this on main memory then restart your hd2 your done ;)
    happy gaming


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