Monday, March 29, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: SlideIT Keyboard v4.1.0.3

SlideIT is the best way to enter text into Touchscreen devices.
With SlideIT you can multiply your writing speed after a few days of use.

From now on, just Slide along the letters with your
finger or stylus, and words will “magically” appear.

SlideIT supports the following languages:
 Czech  Danish  Dutch
 Finnish  French  German
 Hebrew  Hungarian  Italian
 Norwegian  Portuguese  Russian
 Spanish  Swedish

All languages are in this download file, install yours after you install the main app (and after soft reset).

Download This HD2 App Here:

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  1. This doesn't include English does it?

  2. English is the main language in this app, you don't need any on of the other languages.

  3. there is no vibrate feedback booooooooooo

  4. This app rocks!!!
    I've bought me a copy right after testing.

    @sfdas: you don't want vibrate feedback with this app. You just slide with your finger over the letters of the word. It works absolutely great!!!!

  5. Can ya please tell me how to install this attached file ... pls help me with this ...


  6. how can i install apps on my hd2? do i download it directly off this website using my phone?

  7. its the same thing as swipe right?...pre installed in the tmo hd2..

  8. Is there any way to switch between this keyboard and the HD2 inbuilt one? I can't find an installation file or folder anywhere. I'd hate to uninstall it so I can use the normal hd2 keyboard.

  9. Click the arrow next to your keyboard icon on the bottom and you can switch between them

  10. The hebrew keybord does not work at all.

  11. yes it does work, did you install both cab files ? and you have to select the secondary language in the settings .

  12. Yah . the applications of the HTC HD2 phone are really awesome.....which gives a fanastic entertainment and reliabilty whether they are games or other software application.... I
    really attract with that application.......


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