Thursday, March 25, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: SlideIT Keyboard v3.1.2.1

SlideIT is the best way to enter text into Touchscreen devices.
With SlideIT you can multiply your writing speed after a few days of use.

From now on, just Slide along the letters with your
finger or stylus, and words will “magically” appear.

SlideIT supports the following languages:






All languages are in this download file, install yours after you install the main app (and after soft reset).

Download This HD2 App Here:
You probably want the latest version here: slideIT


  1. Hi there, greatings from the Netherlands. SlideIt doesn't work in landscape mode. It draws a square which you can't delete. You have to remove the battery to get rid of it.
    But anyway, thanks for all the apps. It seems that the last 2 days I've only been on this site :D Peter

  2. Swype does it all...


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