Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HTC HD2 Apps: NanoGroove v1.0.9

nanoGroove is a Windows Mobile application that uses the excellent Grooveshark™ online music service for streaming any song to your mobile phone!

- Listen to any song, anytime, anywhere.
- Touch friendly user interface.
- Access your Grooveshark™ playlists.

* Although this app is for streaming, you can actually DOWNLOAD any mp3 file with it.

the last file you have listened to is saved in your storage card as : "groovy.mp3" .
just rename the file to save it permanently !

Uninstall your current version of nanoGroove prior to installing this version! 
Previous versions of nanoGroove would fail to initialize due to changes in the Grooveshark API, this has been fixed in the latest version.
After you have installed the latest version and are still experiencing problems it might also be necessary to remove the "Application Data/nanoGroove" directory from your phone.

Download This HD2 App Here:

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zip file: 1.57MB


  1. File in link is a cab file and can't be installed. Are you sure this is not for wm?

  2. thanks!
    the last nanogroove version
    is not working anymore...

  3. Thanks Bro! You're the best!!

  4. great!!! Dude I love you lol

    do you have a similar App for Android? I have a HD2 with Android and WM.

  5. Good App, but why can i only save one song? the last song i save over writes what i've done. so i've got a list of 20 songs all playing the same thing, what I'm i doing wrong? thanks.

  6. you are doing nothing wrong. the app saves the last song only as groovy.mp3
    just rename that file to whatever.mp3 and download the next one, rename it again and so on...

  7. sorted, BRILLANT.Thanks Pauline

  8. great app, thanx. where will the songs save to?

  9. Works Perfect!!! Thanks

  10. I am not much of a guy who thinks in so deeply about web design but I think your post had some valid points in it. Like designers are forced to design stuff within the limited code available and not go beyond it.

  11. I tried this and can't get any song to play. I get an error message: Song download failed! (GS_JSON_PARSE_ERROR)

  12. Oh, never mind. It's just on certain songs.

  13. is this a free version or do you still have to pay $8 to use this app?

  14. Hi, installed this app but getting (GS_JSON_PARSE_ERROR) can anyone help thanks.

  15. one of the best app for hd2 wm! thank you! .. people who loves winmo, download this!


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