Tuesday, September 14, 2010

HTC HD2 Apps: Resco Explorer v8.10

Resco Explorer - The best file explorer for your HD2. This is a must-have!

The ever popular file manager once again brings something new with the 2010 version, including the following functions:

- Upload to Social Network: Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Picasa, MySpace and Photobucket
- Thumbnails View Mode: The new view mode displays previews of images
- Full Touch Optimization: Navigate through your files easily using your finger
- Letter Bar Navigation: Features the letter preview of the files you would like to access
- Virtual Folders For All Documents: Very useful when looking for files of the same type
- Quick Search Function: Instantly search for files you need by typing in the starting letters
- The Registry Editor: It allows you to export, import, view or modify the registry keys.
- ZIP Compression: Simplest and cheapest way to save significant amounts of storage space.
- The FTP Explorer: Gives the possibility to browse the FTP server's content directly in your device
- The Network Browser: Simply map the shared network folders
- Recycle Bin: Moves deleted files into a virtual folder "Recycle Bin" instead of immediate deletion

New features:
- Quick-search supports wildcards — the quick search tool supports “*” and “?” wildcards, you may now search for files and folders the way e.g. *pattern?.exe
- Improved Bluetooth features for Microsoft Bluetooth stack — Bluetooth transfer becomes 4 times faster + the discovery window shows the paired devices
- HW keyboard commands supported — commands such as Del, Tab, Ctrl+C, Ctr+V etc. are now supported on HW keyboard as well as on Soft keyboard
- Progress window is showing the remaining time
- Report view supports both directions scrolling (for longer columns) — in case the columns are wider than the display size, you may now scroll to the right/left as well

Smaller improvements:
- Paste shortcut for more files
- Properties window — file name and location is scrollable and supports context menu
- REG file import — silent import + key deletion ([-HKEY_...]) + comments are supported

*This download includes the registry editor plug-in. (second cab file)

Download This HD2 App Here:

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zip file: 1.92MB


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